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The revolutionary Impact Spray for more training success

to the sweet spot

The basic requirement for a good ball flight is to hit the ball in the sweet spot of the club face. If the golfer hits the sweet spot when teeing off, the golf ball flies in a controlled manner and almost as if by itself. If the ball is hit just a few millimeters outside the sweet spot, the ball loses control, speed and therefore also length.

With the new impact spray “Xpact Pro”, golfers can improve their accuracy and thus their level of play in a targeted manner. Xpact Pro is sprayed onto the club face before the shot, so that after the shot it is possible to see exactly where the ball impacts on the clubface.

Xpact Pro - the path to the perfect shot becomes a clean affair

Xpact Pro is quick and easy to apply. As a handy spray can, Xpact Pro is sprayed onto the club face. A thin white layer is created, which shows the exact imprint of the ball after the stroke. After four to five strokes, the spray coating can be renewed. Once you notice the impact is not correct on the club face, a golf instructor can make specific suggestions on how to correct the swing.

The technology

Unlike conventional impact sprays, Xpact Pro evaporates by itself after a few minutes.

It leaves no smears, neither on the driving range, the green, the golf equipment nor on the golfer’s clothing and hands. As nothing needs to be cleaned afterwards, the golfer can fully concentrate on the shot and the game. Another advantage of Xpact Pro is its application indoors, on the simulator.

Since no pigments are used, the product can be used indoors.

over tapes and traditional sprays


Must be glued exactly & several times

Until now, tapes or conventional impact sprays were often used for training and personal fitting of clubs. Tapes must be applied precisely to the club face. However, to apply them correctly, you need to have up to five different tape sizes on hand. Removing it after 4 -5 strokes is also quite tedious. It takes time, patience and a lot of packing material.

Traditional impact sprays

Manual cleaning necessary

Impact sprays are an alternative. While the application here is quite simple, clubs, range, clothing, etc. must be cleaned of the remaining color pigments after practice or fitting. The use of pigment-containing sprays indoors also leads to contamination of the golf simulator and its sensitive sensor technology.

Xpact Pro

Evaporates on its own, without cleaning!

It is easier with the Xpact Pro. It evaporates after a few minutes, so the application is clean and the training time can be used more effectively. One can of Xpact Pro is enough for about 150 sprays, which equals about 600 strokes.

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